Privacy Policy

We don't collect any of your information without your permission. Period.

However, that statement bears the following implications:

  1. If you have created an account on ShutterPilot Photo Hub, we require an email address to ensure the account was created by a real person.
  2. If you have enabled multifactor authentication, we require a phone number.
  3. If you have taken a photo that was sent through this service, we may have one or more phone numbers or email addresses that we use solely to deliver this photo to you.

We (ShutterPilot LLC) do not use any of the information collected to market our product and services or those of any third parties. We may, however, occasionally notify you of updates to your account or this service, or other communications that fall under the umbrella of "transactional" communications.

Aside from ShutterPilot LLC, the owner of a photo booth has access to all information collected by their photo booth. Their usage of this data is pursuant to their Privacy Policy and any consent or permission they have have obtained from you independently of ShutterPilot LLC.

We do not perform any automated recognition on any of the photos uploaded to ShutterPilot Photo Hub. We do perform some automated processing solely to ensure appropriateness of content and may use additional pieces of information we have gathered to improve our algorithms, but all inputs, stored models, and results are effectively anonymized.

If you have questions or concerns on this policy, or would like to obtain a copy of your information, please send an email to with the subject "Personal Information Request".